Goodbye 2017…

Yet another year is coming to an end. And suddenly it is closer to 2020 though it feels as though we just got over the whole crazy Y2K phase just now! Time sure flies and every new year I am reminded of how precious our time on earth is. With global warming, the ever-increasing conflicts, and our continued apathy to the seriousness of it all, there might be very little time for all of us (and life as we know it) on earth as well. Let us all just start getting more mindful of our role on this earth and live more consciously and responsibly, shall we?

I spent the year in Edinburgh as I was completing my postgraduate programme at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh. So it was pretty much a year by myself. I came to Edinburgh in September last year and it has been quite an experience. On the academic side, it was a huge learning for me on many fronts. Learning is something I have always enjoyed and this time was no different. Another huge plus was the good friends I made here and I am thankful that they will be a part of my life from now on! On the flip side, following too many rules, meeting deadlines and submitting assessments have never been my thing and this time was no different! Am really glad that part of it is over. Overall, I must say I am thankful for this opportunity as whatever I have learned makes me feel more confident and updated in my field of study. Also, I have now joined the ranks of those who proudly claim to be Double Masters 🙂

On the personal front, it taught me again about being self-reliant and living independently, both of which I enjoyed very much. It also taught me about the importance of our relationships and how much ‘connection’ to other human beings is very important for each one of us, however independent we may be. Being connected to nature is another vital component in one’s life and this was another highlight of my time here. I fell in love with this charming city, with its many quirks, the multitude of stories, awesome architecture, beautiful parks, and kind people, all just kept me thrilled and awed most of the time. The years 2005-06 was special to me as I studied, worked and lived in New York City and loved every minute of it. Now, 2016-17 in Edinburgh has also become special to me for few similar and many different reasons. I am grateful to have had these opportunities and thank the Universe for giving me these experiences.

In terms of travel, this year took me to London, Barcelona, Isle of Skye, Bath, Stonehenge, Biggleswade, and Glasgow and every trip was memorable and unique. My sister and then my parents visited me and we explored different places and spent quality time together. And finally, in global news, there has been unimaginable upsets and tragedies (both man-made and natural) but there has also been a kind of awakening and gathering together of the majority of people who are moving towards a united and conscious approach to leading meaningful and responsible lives and so I choose to focus on this positivity and end this year with a strong sense of hope for a better future.

I am grateful for all the love and kindness of my family, friends, partners, colleagues, and everyone I have ever associated with and above all, for this amazing Universe that has constantly guided and supported me through it all. Here’s wishing everyone on this earth a happy, wonderful and fulfilling year ahead.



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