Spirit Indestructible




I wanted my first post this new year to be connected to music. So when I thought of which song to choose, the first name that appeared in my mind was SPIRIT INDESTRUCTIBLE. This song, performed by Nelly Furtado, is one of my favorites. It has a good singer, cool video, catchy tune, awesome beat and inspiring lyrics. Of course I like it. But I love it for the lyrics. It has moved me on many occasions. Inspired me. Cheered me up. These lyrics speak to me. I believe this will set the right mood for the year ahead. Let me explain why.

“I have a Spirit Indestructible”
What a powerful statement to make! If you come to think of it, in order to survive in this amazingly beautiful and yet crazy world we all need to have a Spirit that is indestructible. Just imagine this. Whatever problems and obstacles we face in this year, if we can decide just one thing and that being our Spirit will remain unfazed through it all, then we are set to conquer this year in style!

“A heart that loving was made for
A body that’s a miracle”
These lines are examples of positive strokes. (“Positive strokes are wholly positive, heartfelt and truthful recognition transactions. They have the power to soothe, to create good feelings, to make people feel OK about themselves, to heal physical and mental illness.”) When you tell yourself repeatedly that you are worthy of love and that you appreciate your body, it will go a long way in improving your confidence and self image. This in turn will set a chain reaction of positive results in your life. Try it. You won’t regret it.

“I have chains on my feet, but not in my mind”
Sometimes in life we all feel as though we have chains on our feet. What we need to remember during those times is this simple truth. Our minds are free. Always. No one can enslave them. The power in these lines is immense. When we see something from a new perspective, invariably it helps us to find a solution.

“A heart that was made pure
Unbreakable and that’s for sure
Unshakeable, so give me more”
When we live a life of truth there is a clarity we feel that is so grounding and liberating that we can say with confidence that our hearts are pure! If we can say that then we can be sure that our hearts will be unbreakable and strong enough to handle any crises. This is reason enough for us to strive to lead a life that is based on truth and honesty always!

“There’s a rhythm flowing through every vein
And the melody is never ending”
These lines will make complete sense to anyone who loves music. Somehow music has this effect on me that nothing else can come close to. In my most painful moments, it has always been music that has come to my rescue. On the other hand, even during my moments of bliss or happiness, music has always remained by my side. So I can say confidently that there is a rhythm flowing through every vein of mine and I know the melody I hear is never ending!


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