This year has been phenomenal for me in more ways than ever before! The experiences I have gone through during this year are definitely the once in a lifetime kind. Looking back I can confidently say that this will be remembered as one of my defining years!

On this last day of the year 2014 let me take this opportunity to express out loud all that I am eternally grateful for:

1. My Family

What can I say here that will truly encapsulate my feelings towards the people closest to me and who have known me since forever? Words cannot express it in its entirety but let me give it a shot anyway.

  • To my Mother, for her unconditional love, constant care, unflinching encouragement, amazing culinary skills, and ever present patience when dealing with me, I am ever grateful.
  • To my Father, for his discipline, work ethic, entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities, and above all, his constant guidance and support in all my endeavors, I am ever grateful.
  • To my Sister, for being the quintessential older sister, for always doling out good advice (whether solicited or not :), for putting up with my craziness over the years, for loving me to bits in her own unique style, for sticking with me despite my stubbornness and for being an example of a true humanist, I am ever grateful.
  • To my extended family, which includes the whole bunch of aunts/uncles/cousins and so on, for managing to keep our family together despite our distances and differences, I am ever grateful.

2. My Friends

They say friends are the family you choose and nothing could be closer to the truth. Life is immensely beautiful and bearable only because of the love, faith and support of true friends. Here again I can only say that my words cannot come close to expressing what I feel towards them but today it is going to be words so here goes.

  • To my ‘oldest’ friends (you know who you are!), for having stayed with me all these years, for accepting me for who I am and never judging me, for all the wonderful moments spent together, for all the memories created over the years, and for all the love, I thank you with all my heart.
  • To my newer and online friends, for being willing to accept me into your life, for sharing a part of yourselves with me, for your love, your time and concern, for the possibility of sharing wonderful moments in the years ahead, I thank you with all my heart.
  • To my friend, confidante, playmate, alter ego, cycling partner, constant companion and so much more; for coming into my life and staying there, for showing me the path of truth and how to walk the talk, for making me push my boundaries and being my anchor through it all, for accepting me for who I am in spite of all my flaws, for always being there for me to lean on, for reminding me of all that’s good in life, for trusting me with your darkest secrets, for your unconditional love, care and kindness, for welcoming me into the private space of your wonderful family, I thank you with all my heart.

3. My Mentors and Teachers

For a lifelong student like me, learning is something I have always craved. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have attended classes for a variety of subjects that interested me. As any student will know, more than 50% of the success in learning something new depends on the teacher and for all the teachers who have taught me, I am eternally grateful.

A Mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. I have considered a select few as my mentors and for their encouragement, guidance and support, I am ever grateful.

4. My Colleagues

I have been fortunate to have worked with several people over the years in different organizations and shared work relationships in varying capacities. For all the experiences I have gained from these people and for their generous sharing of knowledge and for having enhanced the quality of my work life, I am eternally grateful.

5. My City, My Country, The World and The Universe

I am a restless wanderer and I am never in one place at any given point of time because of my vivid imagination and wild dreams.

Given this fact about me, I can still confidently say that I love my city and know this will always be Home. You can put me anywhere and I will find my “space” there but here I don’t have to try!

India, my country, for her amazing variety and maddening contradictions, and most importantly, for her lovely people, I am ever grateful.

The World. Our World. My World. For being so wonderful and beautiful and giving, in spite of us humans, I am eternally grateful.
The Universe. For conspiring to help make dreams come true for every dreamer. A big Thank You.

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