Stars… always make me smile!

Yes it’s true. Stars have always managed to make me smile. What they remind me of is a truth so simple and yet one that we tend to forget ever so often. The simple truth is this. Beauty surrounds each one of us. Beauty that is free and available to all. Beauty that is generous and kind. Beauty that takes your breath away. Beauty that makes you smile. Every day. Always.

We need to be more aware of it. Once we do get to that level of awareness, there is no going back. The starry nights, the colors of dusk, the rising sun at dawn, the sound of the waves, the gentle spray of rains, the smell of wet earth, the breeze caressing your face on a mountain top, the smells and sounds in a forest, waterfalls, rainbows, misty roads, towering trees, the universal appeal of flowers, chirping birds, and the list could go on and on.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that it is this abundance of beauty surrounding all of us that has made me survive every roadblock I’ve faced. Do you know how? Let me illustrate my point with a few examples. When I was in New York and leading a very solitary kind of existence, there were few occasions when I felt really low and exhausted emotionally. One time I faced such a situation, I was greeted by a sudden downpour which cheered me immensely and on another occasion I had a clear view of a very colorful rainbow and I was left smiling!

I’m sure we all have had similar experiences. Some days, I would find my train arriving just as I walk into the station or the lift would be waiting just for me or the light turns green for pedestrians as I walk up to the road. It is the small things that make a difference. They add up. A smile right at the start of the day goes a long way in improving the quality of that day for you and everyone you interact with. When nothing seems to be working, just pause a while and look around you. Life is beautiful. Of course there are problems and roadblocks we have to deal with. But we also have so much to be thankful for. Are we grateful for what we all have? We are lucky. Let us not forget that.

Today I’m smiling because of the stars. And the rains. And so much more. What are you waiting for? Appreciate the good in life. Start seeing the small things. And smile.


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