Have you?

Have you ever felt
The raw ache of a hurting heart?
The dull constant ache you feel
Every time you breathe.

Have you ever known
The itch felt by tearful eyes?
The dry painful itch you get
After spending hours with lonely tears.

Have you ever heard
The sorrow of shattering dreams?
The stark imprint of a sorrow
You never wish even for an enemy.

Have you ever seen
The look of utter despair?
The searing piercing look often seen
When harsh cruel reality sets in.

Have you ever touched
The depths of your darkest fears?
Those dark shadowy depths hidden, yet
Often just within your outstretched arms.

If you know what I mean,
If you have experienced all or some,
If you still continue to wake up each day,
If you have it in you to keep smiling,

Then it means you have finally figured out
The true meaning of life’s adversities
How we need to let these emotions play out
While holding on to our core beliefs of love and understanding!


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