The Story Continues…

Oct 1st 2014

So yet another month has passed. It all started with the 30 day Writing Challenge in August 2014 and its a wonder that I have been writing in my blog since Aug 1st. The first month was tough because it was a new challenge and also because I was going through a very intense period of time in my personal as well as professional life. Besides having to bare my soul for public viewing every single day, it was also difficult to find the time to write my post and upload it. Somehow I persevered and with the help of a very persuasive buddy and very supportive friends, I managed to complete the challenge quite successfully.

Then I made my next decision and that was to continue writing every single day. Now this was a tougher challenge as I did not put any end date to it. Just that I needed to write atleast one paragraph and post it on my blog. Since I started the month with poetry I felt like dedicating the month of September to my favorite poets/poems and that’s what I have done! I hope my audience have enjoyed the selection as much as I did. I do eagerly look forward to any and all kinds of feedback, suggestions and comments on this blog. Please feel free to interact with me here!

Now it is my 3rd month on the run. I hope and pray I am able to continue writing every single day. There is a lot happening in my life right now and I will share some of it here in the following days. I hope my experiences will enable each one of you to feel validated or make some small changes in your life that will positively affect you and others around you. Here is wishing everyone a very happy and peaceful October.


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