True Self by Hema Ramachandran

Since we have crossed the half way mark this month, I think I can safely share one of my own poems here. Of course I don’t believe I am anywhere near the caliber of the poets I have shared with you this far. And yet what is the point of writing a poem and not sharing it, right? So here it is. One of my attempts at poetry that I really liked.

The poem basically talks about how some relationships play an important part in our lives. They happen suddenly and last a lifetime or sometimes end too soon. Either way the impact these relationships have on our life is immeasurable. Good or bad, its all about change. And for me, change is always for good. For whose good? Now that is the question to ask. Sometimes a change in your life will be good for someone else and vice versa. Its all possible in this strange and crazy world. We just need to be aware of this fact.

As I watch Life unfold in front of me, all I can do is stay alert and fully present so that I don’t miss a thing!


True Self by Hema Ramachandran


You came like a bolt from the sky
Sending electric jolts through my body
We connected, we conversed, we flirted, we shared laughs
Forgetting all around us, creating a new reality for ourselves.

I forgot my immediate world, you forgot yours
It was easy for me, maybe not so much for you
We both went with the flow, not resisting
Willing it to take us along…and it did, oh how it did.

I was in a trap then, and you set me free
In every sense … And I loved you for it
I was not sure if I did the same for you
But I knew you needed me, just as I needed you.

We went through some intense moments
Filled with myriad emotions, many old some new
Enjoying it all while it lasted
Knowing our days together were ending soon.

I was open to you, maybe you were not completely so
We shared a night together
A night of passion and love
Sharing a warmth we both needed then.

And it all ended sooner than we imagined
the pain of separation was not new
but this time it hurt… hurt real bad
Pain made me realize, I had a heart!

We went our separate ways
both not forgetting those memories
holding on to some, letting go of some
and always staying connected.

Those moments of pleasure and pain
both equally intense and real
brought out a side to me that was hidden so long
something only you recognized, and knew all along.

Sometimes you have to let everything go
Purge yourself, and then you’ll find
That when you are free, your true creativity
Your true self, will emerge… and it did, oh how it did.

Now nearly after a decade, you come storming back into my life
A lot has changed, and yet much remains the same
We crackle and sizzle once again
This time, its more mutual and satisfying.

Timing is everything, they say
And I doubt we have it … alas, not meant to be
And yet there is so much catharsis
this time, it is more real… and yet surreal.

We part, yet again … gone too soon
And the pain returns, I’m in touch with my heart again
Perhaps this time my true self will stay with me
As I hope my memories stay with you… forever!

© H.R. (2012)



2 thoughts on “True Self by Hema Ramachandran

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  1. Thank you for sharing your poetry. It’s a brave act putting yourSelf out there for all to see. I am not as brave. I secretly harbor a secret desire to write poetry, prose, sing aloud or dance alone unabashed. ‘maybe someday’ as the saying goes. I enjoy and happy I discovered your blog, posts… I look forward to more and hope you include more of your own work as well. Perhaps your fearlessness may rub of on me in time.
    On point, the topic of your poem is oddly in line with a thought I had while driving through morning traffic today.
    My reflection was, presently I am involved with my one great love, she was not my first, but god willing she will be my last.
    The thought sprang from that observation. All love is relevant. I love her deeply and have loved others as deep. All love is relevant…. The litmus test I concluded was, regardless the outcome, joy, pain, success or failure, am I better for it. Did I learn from it. Life is rife with responsibility and obligation. It requires a multitude of measuring sticks to evaluate your success and progress. At the core of all the noise and distraction, for me, is the one thing I try to keep forward in my mind. ‘Was there growth, have I grown as a result of this experience, am I better for it?.
    All love is relevant. The sweet, time enduring kind, even the icky, sticky, prickly, heart shattering kind.
    Thanks for the space for the early am rant. Lol 😉

    1. Hey Peter,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes you are so right. All love is relevant. Be it sweet or heart shattering.
      Key is to learn to deal with either or both!
      Good luck with your writing.

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