Hiding in Plain Sight by Dr. Srividya Sivakumar

Today I want to share with you a wonderful poem I happened to chance upon while browsing through some poetry websites. This is by an Indian woman and I am really proud of that. She has played with words in such a sweet manner that it left me smiling right from the first line! There is so much romance in this poem that even someone who does not believe in romance would wish it were true atleast for a brief moment.

Hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did.


HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT by Dr. Srividya Sivakumar

You have been hiding from me a long time.

Perhaps in the pages of the book I left unfinished.

Perhaps in the unplayed song on my guitar.

Maybe you were wrapped in the words I like,

like whimsical and love.

Maybe you were in the sorrow that cuts me to the quick,

and leaves me new and clear and hopeful.

Maybe you are the L in love.

Perhaps you have been lurking behind bookends.

Or maybe you have been asleep in the sentences

of my favorite piece of writing.

Were you in the straps of my favorite bag?

Or in the ink of my pen?

Or the pages of my Moleskine diary?

Could it be that you are the gleam in the ring I wear,

or the lead in the pencil I write with?

Perhaps you are the O in hope.

You have been hiding in the sense of accomplishment

that I have felt of late.

Or in the rim of my cup of coffee,

once I am done with it.

The foil that wraps my favorite bar of chocolate

carries you in it.

You look amused at the pleasure I derive

from the simple act of revealing what is underneath.

Maybe you are the V in overwhelmed.

I don’t know.

Maybe you are the edge of a sepia-tinted photograph

pregnant with meaning and memories.

I see you now, curled in the arm of the G,

lurking behind the length of the B.

I wonder why I have not seen you before,

in almost every space I inhabit.

Maybe you are the E in need.

Perhaps you are in the rightness of the embrace,

the silk of the kiss,

in the warmth of the voice

and heat of that smile.

Perhaps you have been waiting for me

to come your way and find you.

And I did. I read that book. I played a tune.

I cried. I hoped. I dared.

And there you were, looking at me,

as if to say, “Where have you been all this while?

I’ve been looking for you.”




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