#30daysofwriting – Aug 26th

#30daysofwriting #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite

Aug 26th

What would you change if you could go back into your past and relive your life?

We are often asked this question. There have been movies on this premise. It is an interesting concept. Some people might say they would have done things differently, whereas some others say they would do the same all over again. I usually say I would do it again. Though today if you ask me, I am not so sure. Actually my answer would be that I would do things differently. For sure. However that is not what I want to write about today. My question is a bit different. It goes like this. What if life gave you an opportunity to ‘Skip a Chapter’? What if you could fast forward your life and go into the future? Would you go for it?

There could be two scenarios here. One is where you know what your future looks like. Just that you don’t know how the present is going to change into the future. So I’m guessing that if you like what you see in your future then you might go for it. If you believe you can predict the how of it all, you might even hang on for the ride. Now what about the other possibility? Here only when you go into your future will you know how your future looks like. Obviously you don’t know the ‘how you get there’ part of it also. So this means you will be making a decision without any clue as to where you might end up.

Now tell me honestly. What would you do? Which option would you choose? If you ask me, I believe my answer depends on where I am right now. If I am already in darkness then more of it will not bother me too much. The promise of light at the end of the tunnel is enough. Sometimes you clutch at whatever straw you get, right? And if I am in a good place right now, then I will choose to stay and play out my movie till its end!

What about you? If life suddenly gave you that Remote where you can ‘Skip a Chapter’, what would you do? Think about it.


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