#30daysofwriting – Aug 24th

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Aug 24th

“If your life bores you, risk it!” – Harvey Lloyd

Blog Post Begins.

I was lucky enough to have been able to spend a couple of months interning with Lloyd at his amazing studio in New York and his motto was something that lead me to him in the first place. He is my Mentor and I can only say that each of us needs at least one such person who can guide us, inspire us and be our beacon light when we venture out on our own, sometimes tottering, sometimes sprinting but always focused towards achieving our dreams!

What I want to ask you today is whether your life bores you or not? Are you just surviving or are you fully alive? Do you look forward to each new day with enthusiasm and energy? Are you smiling at the prospect of yet another day in your life? Are you happy to use your 24 hours as best as you can? Or is it a tough task to wake up each day? Do you feel tired or annoyed by your routine? Do you find yourself having either too much free time or running out of time all the time? Are you happy?

Believe me. We know if we are happy or not. What we often are unsure about is the reason for our unhappiness. Conversely, we might know the reason and often attribute our unhappiness to various factors all of which are out of our hands. We end up giving our power to others. Like someone told me recently, if our thoughts can affect our moods and if we can control our thoughts then can’t we choose how we feel? I am not saying this is simple. It is very difficult actually. But this is an option. So when we are in a tunnel and we don’t see any light then any option that would lead to a light is welcome, right? Wouldn’t we give it a shot?

So why don’t we choose the right options? Are we really so comfortable in our ‘comfort’ zones that we would rather live a life of illusion rather than live a real life? I find that hard to believe. Comfort zones are actually not comfortable all the time. They are just like those temporary shelter homes that are a safe haven in your vulnerable moments but then not a place which you can call home, right?

I think what is happening here is that we are all crippled by our fear of Endings. We are so paralyzed by the thought of ending something, be it a job, relationship, or even a way of life. Why is that so? It is because this is what we know and by ending it we have to start something new. And the new is often the unknown, right? It is like stepping out of the light into complete darkness. Only point is we forget that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this darkness is only as transient as our fear of the unknown. If we find our inner strength and courage, the light will appear faster. I promise you. You need to do it yourself though. No one else can do it for you.

If you ask me, I would say Go for it. Start your own process of ending whatever does not work for you! Clear all the junk in your life and make space for the light to pour in. And it will. Endings will always be a part of our life. Just as Beginnings will too. Both are interconnected and unless one happens, there is no possibility for the other to occur. It is up to each of us to realize this and consciously do what needs to be done.

End of Post.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” ― Frank Herbert


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