#30daysofwriting – Aug 20th

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Aug 20th

Today I want to write about New Beginnings. Something about it has always excited me. I know about it because I have experienced it couple of times in my life. It could be something common such as going to college after your schooling, shifting into a new house, or moving to a new city and so on. Sometimes new beginnings mean drastic changes to one’s life such as quitting a job, starting/breaking a relationship, adopting a child, adapting to a new lifestyle, etc.

Whatever the case may be, it usually involves a huge amount of preparation as well as lots of focus, commitment and energy to see it through to the end. There is often a goal, and complete focus is required until it has been achieved. In most cases there will be something else that we need to tackle. Can you guess what it is? Resistance. This is to be expected. Why? Because whenever we make changes to our lives it invariably makes an impact on the lives of others who are connected to us in some way. This might be your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or even neighbors. So we need to be aware that whatever we do creates a kind of ripple effect around us.

No wonder it is often referred to as ‘rocking the boat’. What happens when you rock the boat? Well the boat becomes unsteady and needs to be steadied, while the people in the boat need to get a grip or they could tip over. Also the water is disturbed and ripples are created around the boat which might have some effect on the fish or other organisms in the water. Main thing to remember is that we can’t be sure of the end result. There are various possibilities. But no one knows what will happen finally. And that’s just the way it is.

Will the boat tip over? Or will someone fall out of the boat? Will it get serious? As in, will someone get injured or even worse, die? Or will it be fun? Everyone gets wet and end up sharing a laugh and some good moments? It could be any of this or more. Strange that it could either be a good thing or a bad thing and chances are fairly equal. Will a good intention alone ensure a good result? Similarly, will an evil intention make the final result a bad one? I don’t know. All I can say is that sometimes in life we are all faced with the choice to rock the boat. It will be up to us then to decide what to do. We will be responsible for that decision and whatever it leads to. But that is the case with all decisions or choices we make so that is okay really.

Sometimes we are in such a situation that we know there is no other option for us but to rock the boat. In those cases, we need to remember that we have to go with our gut instinct. Since we are hoping for a change in the status quo, we need to go ahead and just do it. Trust that all will be fine. And make sure we are prepared to deal with whatever happens. After all life is a roller coaster ride and we need to expect some sudden turns and jerks along the way, right? Key is to remember to have fun! That’s what such rides are all about, remember? Focus. Be sure to have fun. Believe that all will be fine. Eventually.


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