#30daysofwriting – Aug 16th

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Aug 16th

“Let me give up the need to know why things happen as they do. I will never know and constant wondering is constant suffering.” Caroline Myss

Saw this quote today and it set me thinking. What Caroline is saying is that we need to stop asking WHY and then we will not suffer so much. I understand what she is saying and I think it might be true in certain scenarios but as a blanket rule, maybe not. Actually I’m not sure. Let us break it down a bit, shall we?

What I realized is that this quote set me thinking, and do you know what came to my mind when I saw this quote? Can you guess? It was Why? Why is she saying that? Now if that is not funny then I think you need to seriously work on your sense of humor! What I really mean to say is that here is a quote telling us not to ask WHY as it would lead to constant suffering and my immediate reaction to it was to wonder WHY she was saying that. So perhaps she has a point.

We all tend to often visit this particular question, and if you think about it we don’t always get the answer. What invariably happens is that we are wondering about the answer and it keeps nagging us in our minds and so we try to find the answer. How do we do that? We could ask the person who created the question in us? But will we get an answer that will satisfy us, now that I’m not too sure of. What if that person’s answer is not convincing us? Or what if that person has no answer? Then what? Yet again, what if that person has got the wrong answer? There are so many possibilities here and most of them lead to disappointment or mistrust. This, in turn, means suffering as we still have that question nagging our minds. Right?

I see an alternate possibility. We could learn to trust the answer given to us. Anyway we are clueless about the answer and that’s why we are asking someone else. So why can’t we just believe that their answer is in fact THE answer? Yes, the person could be wrong but they might believe what they are saying so why not go along? What have you got to lose anyway? I am not talking about life and death scenarios or emergencies or life altering truths here. In those cases, we all can afford to spend some time and wonder some more until we are satisfied about the answers. All I am saying is that in most other cases, we could just relax and accept fully! Do you get what I am saying here?

We all have this tendency to guess the answer. And then all we are trying to do is to make sure that our answer is the RIGHT answer. Therefore we tend to be skeptical about the answer given to us. Now this is counter productive. If we are sure of the answer then why ask? That’s a WHY again but you know what I’m getting at. And if we are not sure then let us just give in to that ignorance and accept what is offered to us? Perhaps there will be lesser wondering and suffering, all of which is usually unnecessary anyway. Guess that’s my conclusion. At least for now! Unless you have something else to say. If so, then go ahead. Give me another point of view.


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