#30daysofwriting – Aug 15th

#30daysofwriting #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite

Aug 15th

“Why are you so good to someone? Why indeed?”

I know this World is supposed to be a place where every single soul is here for a purpose and that basically comes down to being good to every other soul. If happiness is what we seek then we need to be good at heart always. Kindness and compassion and love is all we ever need. There should never be a question as to why we are good? The question should always be why not?

I believe we all basically need to feel anchored in some way. It could be to an idea, goal, person, ideal or a community. This anchor strangely, is all about setting you free, in the real sense. What I mean is, only when we are confident and comfortable in our own skin can we really face life in all its complexities. We need to believe in something in order for us to focus and hold on to whatever we are aspiring for.

If the Universe is watching over us, then all we ever need to remember is that whatever happens, happens for a good reason. Bad times are there to teach us a few lessons as to how strong we really are and also as to who are really important to us. It is during these tough times that we really get some clarity on who we are. Also we are able to better appreciate the good times as we know their value more than most others who have not realized it yet.

I wish we could all find it in ourselves to not only deal with the pains of our past in the most generous and kind manner, but also learn to enjoy the present as fully as possible. We need to be Alive at all times, fully present in every moment so that we are able to appreciate life in all its beauty. Once we start doing this we will realize how much there is to be grateful for in this amazing world that we live in. All we need to do is release our fears, believe in the goodness around us, and just enjoy the ride!


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