#30daysofwriting – Aug 14th

#30daysofwriting #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite

Aug 14th

Today I am in a strange mood. So it’s going to be lists. I’m sorry if it doesn’t interest you. But that’s all I got for this day. So deal with it.

10 things I Detest –

Polluted cities
Sexual abuse
Any abuse
Bitter words
Loud arguments
Broken relationships.

20 things I Love –

Sunset at the beach
Sound of waves crashing
Smell of wet earth
Cloud formations
Forest treks
Taste of strong filter coffee
Melting chocolate in my mouth
Favorite song playing on the radio
Long drives with good company
Hand written letters
Long intimate emails
Playing with a friendly dog
Long conversations
Sleep overs with close friends
Movies that take my breath away
Shared silences
Conversations without words
Tight hugs
Long kisses
True Love.


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