#30daysofwriting – Aug 13th

#30daysofwriting #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite

Aug 13th

Write me a story! That’s what you said. So here it is. A story for you. My story.

~~~Story Begins~~~

It was the same scene all over again. She was running, running hard. They were chasing her. She did not know who they were but she knew they did not mean well. All she felt was fear. Raw, Wild, Cold FEAR. And so she ran. As fast as she could. She did not know where she was. She was just running hard. Somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind she knew she was going around in circles. But she couldn’t stop. They were closing in fast. Her feet were killing her and her breath was coming out in short sharp gasps. She knew she could not keep running like this. Her mind was not functioning but she tried desperately to find any exit routes she could. It seemed to be an abandoned apartment complex and she was running through the deserted corridors, hallways, empty rooms, stairways and emergency exits but somehow she was unable to go downstairs and seemed to be always climbing up. Realizing this she suddenly decided to go downstairs and see where it would lead. After all, there had to be an exit somewhere!

All this time she felt something evil right behind her but had not seen anyone as yet. There were sounds though. Footsteps, shouts, screams, fast breathing and some kind of high pitched wailing noises that seemed to never recede and at the same time never got too close. The combination of sounds kept her heart racing and she could barely think. This time as she went down the stairwell, she felt them closing in faster and could almost feel someone breathing down her neck and she struggled not to trip or fall down the narrow stairs. The faster she tried running the closer she could feel them and strangely she seemed to be running forever and the stairs just kept going on and on. As she peeped down the staircase she realized that this was not going to end well. Fear, with its icy cold grip, was tightening its hold around her neck and she was finding it harder to breathe and keep running. As her vision started getting hazier she realized what she had to do and suddenly a sense of calm enveloped her. She stopped running abruptly and without missing a beat, pulled herself onto the railing and jumped into the dark gaping hole. She was falling now and as she raced down into the dark void she felt completely free and waited for the end with an eerie sense of calm.

As she reached the ground with a big THUD, she opened her eyes to find that she was violently bobbing up and down on her bed, sweating profusely and breathing very hard. Her throat was parched dry and her screams were silent. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks and it took her a while to restore her breathing to normal. Slowly she got up from her bed and reached for her glass of water. This was not the first time this had happened. Each time it was the same sequence of events. And yet every single time, she went through the exact same emotions and trauma. This was draining her out and she knew she had to figure out a way to make this stop. Nightmares are no fun. And if it is the same nightmare over and over again, it is simply painful. She sat at her desk for a while contemplating her options. Suddenly she heard a noise. It seemed to be coming from far away but was slowly building up. As it got louder she realized what it was. It was the same high pitched wailing noise from her nightmare and suddenly her bedroom door burst open just as her lights went out!

~~~Story Ends~~~


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