#30daysofwriting – Aug 8th

#30daysofwriting #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite

Aug 8th

It’s been a week! A whole week of Writing daily. What a week it has been.

A Roller coaster of emotions. Makes me wonder if it’s been the writing that has made this week so memorable or whether it’s been the Universe ensuring that I have such a week so that I might have something to write daily. Not sure about the answer to that. Doesn’t matter really. What matters is that life has taken a turn. A big turn. And I am in the centre of it all. Not a place I usually like or prefer but then again perhaps it’s time. I have to be here. I need to do this.

It has happened to me before. I was not prepared then. Now I am more mature, calmer, stronger, kinder and more aware of my emotions. I am in a different place altogether in terms of emotional awareness. Every day I am learning something new about myself and this time I am going in with my eyes open. I know I can trust myself to take care this time around. That is all one can hope for right? A moment of Clarity. Pure and simple. Now how about we talk about something not so simple. A little bit more complicated. Shall we?

Haven’t we all experienced the feeling of déjà vu? You walk into a room for the first time and suddenly you are flooded with memories of time spent there. You know you have never been there before, at least in this lifetime. And yet you can’t ignore what you are feeling. You seem to know more about the place than what you are supposed to know. There are many explanations for this phenomenon. What I find most convincing is to believe that yes, you have been here before. Maybe not in this lifetime. Maybe not in this body. Not as this person. In another lifetime, as another person but the same soul. Is that even possible? Think about it.

Another form of déjà vu is when you meet someone or share an experience with someone for the first time and get this strong feeling that this has happened before. You have met before. You have done this same stuff with the same person or someone else before. The feeling is often so deep that the one experiencing it cannot ignore it or take it lightly. Often others convince you that it’s just your imagination. And you let it pass. What if we did not ignore it? What if we believed what we felt? What then?

Maybe that will change your life. In a big way. A big turn. Will it make you happier? Wealthier? Famous? I don’t know. But I do know this. It will open a new door. A new way of thinking. And I believe that there are always fantastic mysteries, exciting opportunities and many pleasant surprises behind every new door. You always have the option of closing the door and going back to your life, as you know it. The predictable stable everyday routines that keeps you inside this imaginary cocoon of safety and security. Or you can take the first step, gingerly or boldly in through the new door. Armed with nothing more than the compete faith that it’s all good and that you are in the right direction even if you may have chosen an unknown path.

What will you do? Think about it. So that when you see that new door opening in front you, you know what to do. I know what I will do. And I think you also know what I will do. All I hope is you are able to make the choice that will make you most happy. Will you?


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