#30daysofwriting – Aug 7th

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Aug 7th

Music. Keeps. Me. Alive. Yes. It’s true. I don’t know about you. For me, music has been my saviour. Since forever.

I have always been a music lover. During my school days, the two things I remember doing more than anything else is spending time in the library devouring almost every book in those huge shelves and exchanging audio cassettes with just about anyone who was willing to and meticulously copying, recording and rerecording songs to make my own Assorted Mix audio tapes. I could spend hours either reading books or listening to music and mostly would do both at the same time. I remember studying with the music playing and my mother always wondering aloud how someone could concentrate with all the sound. But I did concentrate. Music helped me actually. It forced me to focus.

When I listen to music that really moves me then I am compelled to stop everything else I am doing and really listen. Pay attention. With all my heart and soul. When this happens its almost meditative and very intense. You see, I have a very active mind. Thoughts are overflowing in every possible direction at any given point of time and sometimes I feel the urge to reach out to an imaginary STOP button that would give me one silent moment in my mind. Now we all know that imaginary buttons don’t exist and so my next source of solace is Music. This is the only way I can relax completely and have some free time for my hyperactive mind. It keeps me sane.

I have had a decent life. With its share of joys, sorrows, excitements, upheavals, catastrophes, heartbreaks, lessons. I have been able to learn a lot from my experiences and continue to do so each day. After all if we don’t learn from our experiences then what’s the point, right? Good or bad, every experience is teaching us something – about life, about others, about ourselves. Some lessons are very clear and direct. Others maybe not so. Either way, we can do our best to understand what is being conveyed to us. Experiences are, after all, the Universe communicating with us in her unique style. Or so I believe. When I look back, every significant period of my life has been associated with some kind of music always. Music has been my drug. Every joy or sorrow has been shared with my music and this has helped me to keep moving through it all.

Music has also been a big catalyst in my close relationships. Over the years I have forged special connections with a few people, often sharing a piece of music or a favorite tune with them. I believe my music conveys something extra about me to these people and when some of them really get my music I know they get me. Just like I get them. Sometimes when we share music with someone, I believe that our souls are communicating with each other. Often we are not aware of what’s being conveyed but then again, we share that moment knowing that something has changed forever between us. Something has changed within you. Life, as we know it, will never be the same again. And that, That is OK.


2 thoughts on “#30daysofwriting – Aug 7th

  1. So true, and beautifully expressed. A few weeks ago, I had a vivid memory–felt almost more like a visit–from my Aunt Nancy, who died in a plane crash in 1998. (One of life’s catastrophes, to be sure.) Nancy had shared a piece of music with me when I was in college, in the early 90s, in her loft in NYC (where I went to school). Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. That recent night when I felt her presence so strongly, I was compelled to listen to it again, not alone but with Mani, who was unfamiliar with it. Listening–with my whole heart, as you said–and sharing it, with someone I love, was profound. It brought the tears I couldn’t have otherwise accessed, and bridged these different parts of my life, connected two people I love who will never actually meet. Long story, in response to a lovely post. Thank you, for sharing.

  2. Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs!!! Such a moving piece of music…
    Aaaaahhhh now that takes me straight to NYC for a very different reason. This particular symphony was introduced to me by my mentor Harvey Lloyd and I can never forget listening to it in his studio. Whenever I hear it online I find myself right back there! Thank you for sharing. Please keep coming back…

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