#30daysofwriting – Aug 4th

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Aug 4th

“If you want your life to be different you have to start reacting to life differently” – Bryant McGill 

This quote greeted me this morning and it set me thinking. I want my life to be different. I am clear about that. How? Maybe I’m not too clear about that as yet. I have some clues but am not fully there yet. Its still muddy but the waters are clearing and I’m waiting. My patience is not going to stretch this time. I don’t want it to. It has been stretched too many times and is prone to over stretch often. I’m eagerly waiting for the clarity I so desperately crave. I know it will happen. And when it does I have to remember McGill’s words. I have to react differently. We are all so used to a certain pattern of behavior. Usually we tend to react to situations without even pausing to think because we are on auto pilot mode. Just like driving a car. Or getting ready for work. Our routines are set not just in our actions but also in our thinking processes. Why is this so?

We think in a certain way because that is how we have been doing it since forever. How a pattern gets set is not too hard to understand. Our education system starts the whole process of killing every bit of creativity or individuality we possess. We are trained to think in a structured manner, only that the structure is already set by the society we live in. We are programmed to think alike, act alike, react alike. Only then can the society use us in whatever way it decides. After all we need to be productive right? For the good of society. We all form a part of society so we need to follow its structure and go by its rules. All for the good of society. So what happens is that we are trained to think, act and react in a common way. Our individuality is suppressed and creativity takes a beating. We either rebel or cave in. As rebels we are faced with being ostracized or punished or made to feel guilty or worthless. If we cave in then we lose our sense of self and are leading a confused life where we keep ourselves so busy that our inner voice is never heard at all. Either way we are miserable, sometimes knowing why and often without a clue.

Is this the way we are supposed to honor the life we have been gifted? This one chance to be really ALIVE? Is this the best we can be? We need to ask ourselves this question. Every day. Every moment. Every breath we take. We need to remind ourselves that we are meant to be better than this. Maybe we were dealt a bad hand. A horrible childhood. Screwed up family. Traumatic memories. Really messed up relationships. I understand. I don’t mean to minimize the pain or hurt. It is all there. No one can change it. We need to process it and resolve it in our minds and hearts. What we need to remember is simple. All of that HAS happened. It is the PAST. We have the present to take care of. And a future to dream about and work towards. Do we really want to let the past screw with what can happen? Trust me. We don’t want that. 

Let us then take charge. Recover our lost power. Learn to love ourselves fully and fearlessly. Accept all the ugly parts. Remove all the scars from our hearts. Throw all caution to the winds. Stop wondering what if. Just do it and see what happens. Move out of the comfort zone. Truth is, this zone is an illusion. There is no comfort in lies. Truth is the only way out. Live every moment in truth. Raw, unprocessed, real truth. Love with abandon. Let love rip you open. Give in and be vulnerable. Believe in your ability to heal. Trust yourself fully. Always remember, the Universe is looking out for ALL of us. We need to just be as alive as we can be. Be the best you can be and the Universe will do the rest. Trust in this wisdom. Trust me. Trust yourself. 



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