#30daysofwriting – Aug 1st

#30daysofwriting #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite

Aug 1st

Hello there! So this is a new assignment. A challenge really. Something I voluntarily signed up for. Just because I wanted to do it. Thanks to Andrea and team for this particular challenge. A writing challenge. 30 days of writing. In the month of August. Write every single day. Write a little. Or a lot. But write every day. That is the challenge. The idea being to reignite the passion of writing especially among those who have let it slide. Like me. I do like to write. And I was doing my best to write as often as I could. But that was never enough. I knew it all along. There are so many stories inside of me. So much I want to share. Not just with some people or one special person. But with everyone. The whole world. Anyone actually. The idea I realize is not to share it with someone but to just share it. Put it out there. And leave it to the universe to decide who gets it. Yes, that’s it. I just have to get it out of me. Then I can be really happy.

So on that note, let this be the beginning of good times. I will ensure that I write every single day of August. Come what may. It can’t be that hard really. It just needs drive and determination. And I have both. I know it. Also interestingly I am going through a very intense period in my life. And this is the time to put it out. If I leave it all inside of me, then it might be a bit much for me. Eventually. So let’s do this. See where this path leads. Go blindly and keep the faith. I feel good about this. It can’t be wrong then. Right?

This year has been a very interesting one for me personally. It has been a year of new interactions, friendships, activities, travels, life experiences. Certainly not a year that’s gonna just pass me by. Started the year by getting into cycling seriously. Reason for it was preparation for something else but this was a life turner for me literally. Met a few people as a result of my cycling episodes and some of them have gone on to become such an important part of my life. Then I managed to go on a trip of a lifetime with few close friends to Ladakh. This was on my agenda for so long and I surprised myself by actually organizing it and making it happen. Work wise also I have been more involved and yet aloof in a strange way. Restlessness, of a kind that I know only too well, has been making its presence felt inside of me for sometime now.

Now am in a strange dilemma as to where I want to take my life. Have seen clearly what I have been doing wrong. Knew it all along but never wanted to change the status quo. Now feel like its time. Not too sure how to proceed but I know it has to be done. A major shake up. A big change. A few ruffled feathers. Bruised egos. Hurt emotions. There is no easy way here. It will get ugly before something beautiful can emerge. I’m a bit wobbly but I want to do this on my own. Not lean too much on anyone. My strategy is forming in my mind slowly. I know this time I’m going to take it through to the right conclusion. I’m hoping the universe has got my back! Wish me luck 🙂



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