The Year That Went By… 2013

The Year That Went By… 2013

The year that went by was surely an eventful one for me. It started off with my car having to go through extensive repair work after an unfortunate accident that occurred on our way to Kerala. So it began with me recalling my “pre-car” days and appreciating the value of mobility and independence. In Kerala I met with a very interesting and well known “Astrologer” and discussed various aspects of my life with him. This help me put a lot of things in perspective though I must admit I might not be visiting him again anytime soon for another “consultation”. Somehow I prefer living my life in a constant state of amazement and wonder, not knowing what’s gonna come up next. I like the surprise element there and believe it keeps me alert and awake to possibilities and all kinds of magic! What’s the fun in knowing the twists and turns that are a part of life?

The mega point of the year was a Business meeting invite to Prague in April, which my dad was kind enough to forward to me and my sister and how we turned it into a super cool 4 country Mini-Europe trip can only be imagined 🙂 More on the fun side, I was lucky to attend a wonderful Sonu Nigam show in Chennai. I met a very close friend of mine for a brief lunch and had various get together parties with different sets of friends throughout the month of January. My best friend who has known me since 1983 gave me the good news that she had found her life partner and we met him shortly thereafter. My driver also gave me a good surprise by getting married to his sweetheart after facing stiff opposition from her family. And on the dark side, my sister’s maid who was always a good friend of mine started off on her radiation therapy and I went through some excruciatingly painful moments along with her, her family and my sister. That was nowhere near the pain she suffered though.

In early February we conducted our annual dealer’s meet ‘Sangamam’ at Ocean Spray resorts in ECR, near Pondy. It was a quickly planned event but the excellent venue turned the event into a huge success. We booked our tickets for the Mini-Europe tour and officially the tour was set in motion! Then I got busy with helping out my best buddy with her marriage preparations and shopping and shifting and all that jazz! March was not really that great as I lost one of my cousins to some heart complications. He was to turn 60 this year.

In April me and a bunch of my good buddies made a joyous trip to Chiplun in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra to join in my pal’s wedding celebrations and on our return made a small detour to Mangalore and spent some time in one of their wonderful beach destinations. Come April, it was hectic due to the travel preparations for our Mini-Europe tour and before we knew it we were off to Germany-Czech Republic-Hungary-Austria-Germany and back in Chennai by early May. We were in time to celebrate our parent’s house warming ceremony in Guruvayur, Kerala followed by my mother’s 60th birthday celebs! June brought in my cousin sis and her cute family staying with us for a couple of days and we ended up being a part of her daughter’s first visit to a beach. Marina beach was beautiful on that day and we had rains too 🙂

End of June leading into July was very tough as my sister’s maid took a turn for the worse and finally in the first week of July, she left us. Yet another wonderful person lost to the jaws of cancer. It hurt so much that its not possible to explain it in words. I’m sure that unfortunately more and more people seem to be getting to know this pain I’m talking about. The helplessness I felt cannot be adequately described. I only pray that we are all able to understand the real cause behind this horrendous epidemic before it is too late! Rather, I fear it is already too late for too many. And it is simply not fair.

Another turn in my life was my better half making a career choice which can be termed as unusual. But as I believe in miracles, I am looking forward to seeing this choice bring about the satisfaction and fulfillment he deserves. Keeping all apprehensions aside, I wished him all the luck and some more. And I am watching, assured in my mind that the Universe will always watch over each one of us.

Last quarter of the year sure was a blur! It simply flew by. My little sis was taking the plunge, choosing her buddy as her life partner and I had enough work to do to ensure she was really ready by the special date in November. We made a trip to Bandipur Tiger Reserve near Masinagudi, Karnataka in early October as a kind of ‘bachelorette party’ for our sis. Combined with a stunning location, warm resort staff, really crazy night safaris and freely roaming wildlife inside resort premises it surely was one of a kind party alright 🙂 Then early November she made her commitment in Guruvayur and we all relived the Guruvayur wedding experience all over again. The month sadly ended on a bad note as we heard about one of our colleague’s sister passing away after a long courageous fight with cancer. Our colleague passed away couple of years earlier, after a torturous fight with the same enemy. Yet another wonderful person lost for no good reason.

The highlight of 2013 for me personally was making a resolve in the second half of 2013 to make a list and work on it meticulously. I like to call it my ‘Facing my fears’ list and I have to say I have started off well. One thing I started was swimming lessons and given the fact that I have a childhood accident trauma to overcome, it was no mean feat and I am proud to say I am on my way to overcoming that fear. I intend to be able to say that yes I can swim before the end of 2014. Another dream of mine was to learn sailing and I’m proud to say that I have completed a 4 weekend Sailing course for beginners conducted by the Royal Madras Yacht Club. I intend to keep sailing and honing my skills there. There is more to the list and I will be adding to it for sure! I have realized that this is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves. Giving time and thought and effort to achieving your dreams/passions (whatever it may be) is something we all simply MUST do. I believe this is the only thing the Universe expects from us. Rest will all be taken care of. Or so I believe.

On that positive note, I wrap this “brief” recount of 2013. Looking forward to yet another year and promising to make it count. Wishing you all the courage and resolve to MAKE IT COUNT too. Happy 2014 to y’all 🙂


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