The Sound of the Rain

“… the sound of the rain needs no translation”

I read this today in a quote by Alan Watts and it struck a chord. Somewhere deep within my heart I knew! Yes, the sound of the rain needs no translation. Just like the sound of love. No wonder rain is always connected to something romantic. Even though in the recent years rains have mostly played havoc in the lives of people, somehow there is this connection to love that still holds true.

Not everyone likes getting drenched in a sudden downpour (though I strongly recommend it) or wading through water logged streets or enduring the all pervasive dampness in your clothes. And yet I’m sure most people love the sound of the rains. There is something about it, a trance-like quality perhaps. The harder it rains, the incessant sound of raindrops somehow tends to drown out all thoughts from your mind. Its almost like meditating!

Maybe this is nature’s way of reminding us to take a break, don’t you think? Just to pause for a minute or two. Take a deep breath and smile. Be grateful. To simply Feel the Love. I’d like to think so anyway! What about you?



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