Dust in the wind… {R.I.P Shanthi}



To all the mornings spent chattering away

About mundane everyday affairs

Interspersed with jokes and anecdotes

Giving us both a smiling start to our day…

To all those arguments and silly fights shared over a cuppa tea

And the frequent station changing of the Radio

Me listening to my favorite English music and

She tuning into her favorite Tamil music…

To all those serious talks at the dining table

Her updating us on her miserable life

And we doing our best to make it seem a l’il better somehow

Always ensuring we split with a smile on our faces…

To all the days during her awful diagnosis

And those leading to her operation and subsequent hospitalizations

A time for holding hands and shared prayers

None of us sure of what the future had in store…

To all the days when she bravely kept smiling

As she underwent radiation therapy for thirty days

Silently suffering through her intense pain

And trying her best to give us more hope…

To the final days of her agony and pain

And despite all the efforts at managing it

Her pitiful wails of agony and desperation

We with more questions and no apparent answers…

Till finally her soul decided to move on

After ensuring that we all had the strength

To continue our life’s work as best as we can

Always in her memory and dedicated to her courage!



(© H.R. Jul 2013)


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