A Thirst For Rains

As the days get hotter and the winds get warmer,

my sweat gets stickier and my jean gets wetter.

I know summer is here and there is no escape,

For the next month or so, all we can do is gape!

Each new day brings on a stronger wave

They call it ‘heat’ while I try to remain brave,

Brighter and harsher glares the sun

While motorists curse, and reach for their gun!

Everywhere I look I see parched souls

No one can think beyond their tired soles,

The sun is relentless in burning through

Leaving one and all without a clue!

This is the time when starts my thirst

Wishing and hoping the clouds would burst,

Straining my eyes to search for that one dark cloud

Ready to welcome the rain gods with my head bowed!

– H.R. 30 Apr 2012


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