The You That Nobody Knows


Every once in a while

You are presented with

An opportunity of a lifetime.

One time when you can be

The You That Nobody Knows!


Do you know who that is?

Or are you also in the dark

As to who you really can be?

Once you know it, you know

the lid has been pried open.


And once its out there

There’s no putting it back,

You Know and that’s that.

But why is there a You

That Nobody Knows?


Is it fear, of being the

Cast-away? Of being Ignored?

Of being Left out? Of being Lonely?

Or is it just that, you have never

Taken the time to get inside yourself?


Let me ask you a favor

Do this one thing – for yourself.

Take the time and go on a date

With You, and let it be the You

that Nobody Knows.


So when that time comes,

That once in a Lifetime opportunity

You can be sure to know

Who you wanna be for that

One Big Moment…


Who knows? Perhaps that moment

Will turn your life round the corner

That’s been waiting all this while

To finally make you the YOU –

That Nobody Knows!


– H.R. Apr 11th 2012

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