Thank you for the music MJ…

I still can’t believe MJ is no longer with us in this world. As I listened to all my old time favorites of the genius, nostalgic memories of my childhood came to me. Right from Bad to Black or White to Billie Jean to Thriller to Dangerous to Remember the Time and so on and on right upto Blood on the Dance Floor, these songs are still as likeable and addictive as they used to be around the time they were released.

MJ was and is and will always be one of my favorite music & dance icons. Most of my school and college life was devoted to listening and watching his various albums. Endless hours were spent copying his music from different sources and making umpteen number of cassettes all with his songs only.

It hurts to realize that there won’t be any more wonderful music from him! The present generation will not be lucky enough to enjoy any more of his genius. Guess I need to be thankful that he was there for me during my growing up years. His lyrics and music helped me and many others during our turbulent teen years and he was always a positive role model for me.

Yes, the accusations and the black marks he accumulated in his later years were all very hurting. Though I will never know the truth in those accusations, all I can say is that I pray for his soul. May he find the peace he was always searching for.

I will always love you Michael…


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