Spirituality, Silence & Smoke…

Sometimes it is in silence we learn so much about ourselves & sometimes a little more about others.

How often is it that one can share a silent moment with someone else? A silence could be uncomfortable, awkward, annoying, embarrassing or simply very spontaneous, calming & surprisingly intimate. If we really analyze our thoughts during those moments of solitude in company, what would it show? When a moment of silence is shared, what actually transpires between the two people? Is there some kind of an unconscious, subliminal exchange happening between the two souls? Does it enhance the relationship or destroy it? Why do we feel so comfortable & at ease with some strangers while we remain  always uneasy around some we have known all our lives? And does familiarity really breed contempt? Go figure…

Someone told me that as long as there were people in this world, there would be wars! Also that “Wars” would include interpersonal conflicts, arguments, discrimination, abuse, suppression. I can understand where that comes from. But I don’t want to believe it. Is it better to be an optimist or a realist? I don’t know. What am I? Sometimes a realist rarely a pessimist and quite often an optimist. So I would like to believe that it is a choice. After all, defining right and wrong was a choice. Laying out rules of conduct for society was a choice. So a world without wars is also a choice, right? Will every single soul on this earth make that choice? I believe so. When? I don’t know. But I believe. I need to.



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