“Why don’t you drink this juice?”

It was my dad. Again. This was the 5th consecutive day that he was asking me the same thing. It was almost the same time too. Every day we got back from work by around 7pm and mom would have something for us to eat. Usually we would choose what we wanted to drink – hot or cold, juice or soup, water or nothing. And I like to keep a stock of different juices and soups so there is a variety to choose from. This is something I have been doing for quite a while now. So what was new this time?

This was a new store and my dad wanted me to check it out with him. So after repeated ‘failed’ attempts of going there, we finally made it one day and he was keen for me to buy something from there. He pointed out this huge bottle of juice called Rani and said it looked nice. Since I’m into juices, I said we could pick up one to try and chose Mango while he was eyeing the Orange. Since he was buying it for me we took the Mango. Now when I tasted it later at home it was not exactly to my liking!! So I neglected that bottle and tried to serve it to guests and others at every opportunity. Guess my dad wanted the Orange real bad. He started to notice the big bottle in our fridge and suddenly this week he started this argument with me every day by asking me why I was not drinking that juice!

Now if you knew my dad’s temper you would realize that I could not afford to say the truth. He would make me drink it all up right there. So the other option was to give some excuse like I don’t feel like drinking juice today, or I want soup today, etc. This would be ok if it was once in a while but not when he was asking me every day for 5 consecutive days!! After the 2nd day, we were literally having a nasty argument over this juice issue every evening. Gosh!! I almost emptied the contents of the bottle into the kitchen sink on day 3. My mom just managed to save the juice from my emptying hands. But how long could I suffer this humiliation and discomfort?

Finally I knew what to do. It came to me in my sleep. Imagine how much it was affecting me. I was dreaming of the juice!! Funny though that even in my dreams I was never drinking it. It was either pouring over me and choking me or I was drowning in it or some silly thing like that.

It was the weekend and I had some time alone at home. I found an old empty bottle and filled it with the juice. After ensuring that only a small quantity remained in the big bottle, I packed the old bottle into my workout bag. Later that evening I headed for the fridge announcing loudly that I felt like having Mango juice. And formally dumped the empty bottle into our trash bin. What a relief!!

Next day my workout started with offering the juice to my exercise mates who happily gulped it down and suggested I do this more often. If only they knew!!


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