Existential Questions

Today my sis is feeling low. It’s really tough to deal with your own depression or low moments. What’s even more difficult is dealing with low moments of our loved ones. When you know you really can’t do anything much to cheer them up or change their situation. The fact that a depressed person tries to wallow in self pity and looks for sympathy makes it even more difficult for a cheerful or not depressed person to help out.

My approach is usually to do some serious introspection and see why I feel the way I do. Also I try and make sure I avoid doing what I feel like such as listening to blues-y kinda songs, watching sad movies, reading horrible news, etc etc. And I make an effort to cheer myself up. I know its difficult for others to deal with so I avoid meeting people as much as possible.

Also being a woman, I only know too well how our monthly cycles affect our moods and how often women deal with severe mood swings in their lives.

So this post is dedicated to all those women who are going through a tough time in their life right now.

All I can say to y’all is ‘”Hold on, Stay Strong – trust me, this too shall pass”


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