Staying Single…

The latest craze among the upwardly mobile is Fitness. Almost every single magazine or newspaper will touch upon the topic of fitness in one way or the other. Some focus on exercises, others on foods/diets, and yet others on alternative therapies. But the underlying assumption is that everyone wants to stay fit. No one will question your motive if its for your fitness.

Now let me take another topic. Being single out of choice. A woman in her 30s. Well educated, good family background, working in a good position – all pluses in her account. But the one major MINUS according to our society that would mitigate all the good effects of her pluses is the fact that she is unmarried – SINGLE.

Wonder why people cannot understand that there is joy and happiness even in a single person’s life. When our entire upbringing and education focuses on developing our independance and self confidence, why is it that as we grow older the focus shifts to a “family” life, a joint partnership as in a marriage, settling down, all of which mean the same thing – Get Married!!

When initially you are encouraged to be on your own, lead your own life, take responsibility, work hard, be independant, etc etc … later on it’s all about finding your life partner, becoming ‘whole’ again, not leading an incomplete life and so on.

Why is it not fashionable to stay single!! Is it because all the married people believe that there is no other way of living life than to be in a social partnership like marriage. If so, why are there so many articles about the existence of open relationships, wife/partner swapping, threesomes & more, infidelity & its consequences, marital rape, marriage counseling, parenting classes, increasing divorce rates and so on.

Does it not point a finger to the fact that a relationship must be built on the basis of mutual attraction, respect, trust & not simply because society deems it fit. It must happen when the two people are ready for it, want it and know how to nurture and respect it. If our youth continue to follow societal norms and customs blindly then they will have to face the consequences – and most often, they will have to face it alone. Society does not come forward to help you if your marriage fails, or is in trouble. The only ones affected will be you, your partner and your respective families. Though everyone will attend your marriage, most often not a single soul from outside your family will step forward to help you through your divorce.

I believe Staying Single is almost like Staying Fit. For me, it is. I don’t expect it to be the same for others. What works for me might not work for you. What works for you is something you need to figure out yourself. No questions asked. I respect your life decision, and I expect the same from you.

Question is – Are you upto it? After all its easy to follow others and then blame them for any failure. What we forget is that its our life and we need to live it NOW. Take your life into your own hands and lead it like you would want to. So you can look back in pride and say I DID IT ..

I have had enough of the blind followers. I prefer the risk takers. I will not be able to fit in with the others anyway. So all I have to say to you is that when you have an opinion, then lets talk!!


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  1. dear girlonfire … if you are sure about your decision and truly believe in your relationship then go for it … i believe we know what’s best for us but we seldom listen to our inner voice … as for the rest of society, don’t let them drown out your inner voice … just listen to your inner voice and take charge of your life … and hey, congrats 🙂

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