Today a senior colleague of mine was upset, about a lot of things. Perhaps even something from home. Point is I did not know then.

We interact a lot every day and most of our major work is done in consultation with each other. We are pretty close and I have known him since my childhood and consider him like a brother almost.  So there I was checking over some work issues and my colleague comes over to check some details. I was playful about something (like both of us usually are) and he got upset. I mean really upset !! He went away and then spoke to me on the phone (!) telling me how much experience he has and how I should not have spoken the way I did. Was I surprised? And hurt too. I tried explaining that I was not the one behaving differently but that he was, but who was listening. So finally I sent him a mail apologizing for hurting his feelings and leaving it at that.

So what about my feelings? Guess its my problem. Usually such issues leave a wound in my heart which I push away for the time being but which eventually will fester and hurt me more later on. How do I resolve this? Have to figure it out.

As for him, now we are resuming our work. And everything is like it was. Except he has not acknowledged my mail. And knowing him I know he might not have seen the mail at all. Perhaps its better he does not see it. But since I cannot wait in suspense, I message him asking if he got my mail. So now he cannot ignore it. Lets see if there is a reply or not.

Either way, I am also hurt now. Atleast we’re square.