Slow Sweet Tango

Watching the slow sweet tango
of the dark clouds in the dusky skies;
Fishing boats in the far horizon
challenging my sense of calm surrender;
Birds taking their evening strolls
with the wind at their wings;
A cool breeze gently caressing
my tired senses;
What more can I ask for
in this life?
Hema Ramachandran 2007


4 thoughts on “Slow Sweet Tango

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  1. a Q&A with the infinite infant maybe…..hehehe sorry eye cant help myself when ever eye see a poem with a question at the end…..eye love how you made me miss home with this poem…all eye could envision was the lazy Sundays at my grandmothers house as a child….just mere steps from the Malaysian shoreline….its good to see you post again…eye would ask whats up with the long breaks between post but eye am guessing like me yew are caught up in life’s uproar

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