Direct your subconscious mind

“The power to move the world is in the subconscious mind.”

— William James

Our subconscious mind creates our lives
perfectly according to how it has been programmed. It works 24 hours of
every day, 365 days per year. It accepts instructions from the
conscious mind, checks on old inner programming and executes.

The subconscious mind acts on old beliefs stored
over a lifetime. Many of those beliefs you may have accepted without
thinking. Or you may have absorbed them when you were too young to
exercise choice. Many of the beliefs that govern your life may no
longer match what you now hold to be true.

Nonetheless, the subconscious mind is the
director till you rewrite the scripts. Put some effort into getting it
working on your positive, conscious intentions instead of your old
limiting, unconscious beliefs and your life will change.

“If a man devotes himself to the instructions of
his own unconscious, it can bestow this gift [of renewal], so that
suddenly life, which has been stale and dull, turns into a rich
unending inner adventure, full of creative possibilities.”

— Marie-Louise von Franz


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