Personal Message from Robin:
Making Space for Success

Just got back from the desert. Enchanting. Wide open spaces and utter
silence. Reminded me of something important–we need space in our
lives. Space to be creative. Space to reflect. Space to pursue our
dreams. Space to become what we know we must be. Yet many of us don’t
give ourselves space. Our desks, our minds and our relationships are
cluttered. We are burdened with unfiled papers, unfulfilled
obligations, unfinished business and other talent-consuming messes. And
these messes are a barrier to a world-class life. Here’s the big
idea: we need to make space in our lives in order to achieve our

Creating space in your life can be as simple as reflecting in a
Starbucks or having a conversation with an extraordinary person or
having the discipline to walk in the woods to ensure you are putting
your best resources on your biggest opportunities. By doing these
things you free yourself to focus on the important and you make certain
that you are climbing the right mountains.

Examine every dimension in your life and ask yourself the questions
Some areas may be easier to de-clutter than others. However, I assure
you that when you make space in your life your productivity and impact
will explode.

  • Career:
    Are your files and workspace organized and easy to use?
    Do you have any unfulfilled obligations hanging over your head?
    Are you overcommitted to things that don’t add outrageous value to you or the organization?
    Do you check your email constantly? Can you reduce the amount of email you receive?
  • Relationships:
    Have you celebrated a teammate?
    Have you told your family that you love them?
    Are there people you need to forgive or apologize to?
    Are there difficult conversations that you need to initiate?
    Do you have friends that you must connect with?
  • Finances
    Do you have a financial plan written out?

    Are your will, taxes and insurance in order?
    Are you saving for the future?
    Are you living within your means?
  • Health and Energy
    Are you working out three times a week?
    Have you had regular check ups with your doctor and dentist?
    Do you consume sugar, caffeine and alchohol in moderation?
  • Home
    Is your car in good repair?
    Does your home and environment rejuvenate you?

    Are all of your tools and appliances in good repair?
    Are your closets organized?


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