Personal Message from Robin: The Next Level

My kids, Colby and Bianca, are going back to school. They are in a new
grade, with new teachers and new friends. They are officially at the
next level. Assignments will be harder, homework longer and
expectations higher.

For the rest of us it’s not so clear when we get to the next level.
There are no grades for adults. So, it becomes easy to coast or turn on
the cruise control. No one is checking on us. This is easy, yes, but
getting to the end of a life like this will be a hollow victory. You
will exit this planet without having known the thrill of overcoming
challenges, without leaving a legacy, without sharing your gifts.

So, I invite you to go into the next grade this September. To play a
bigger game with world-class people. And, here are five ways to make
that happen:

  1. Goals
    It’s not sexy, I know, but it works.
    Re-examine your goals. Celebrate what you have achieved, make course
    corrections and add new goals that will pull you to the mountaintop.
  2. Teammates

    I always play better tennis when I’m with someone who is a bit better
    than I am. Find colleagues or clients who will challenge you to deliver
    bigger results. You become who you drink coffee (and work) with.
  3. Learning

    What do the best in the world at what you do know? What are they
    reading? What websites do they bookmark? What seminars and lectures do
    they attend? Find out what they know and dedicate 30 minutes a day to
    learning about that.
  4. Health and Energy

    Your health is your wealth. Take your energy to the next level this
    fall. Commit to one more workout per week, to starting the day with a
    protein shake, to eating smaller, more frequent meals. You can’t live a
    big life without extraordinary energy.
  5. Master Your Time

    Successful people master the fundamentals. And one of those
    fundamentals is mastering your time. Take the time this Sunday to plan
    the week ahead. Ensure that the important things (including your
    workouts and time with family) are in your schedule. Remember, what
    gets scheduled gets done.

P.S. Feel free to forward this report to a friend.


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