Good Morning,
When trouble broke out last week, I wrote this prayer and have been
including it every morning in my meditation work.  I send it to you in
case you would like to use it or write one of your own.  Railing
against what is happening will not work at the moment.  We all need to
create a new vision.
I see a world where people have stopped fighting with each other, where
no country is at war.  I see a world with no nuclear weapons.  I see a
world where everyone, man, woman, child, horse, dog, cat, tree, flower,
rock, has what they need to live a joyful existence.  I see a world
where we help our neighbor, open our eyes to those around us and live
like the brothers and sisters that we are.  I see a world that is not
polluted, where the water and air are clean, the grass is green, the
sky is blue.  I see a world where animals are not slaughtered for food,
or euthenized out of existence.  I see a world where people are not
dying of cancer and other diseases, where everyone is healthy and
happy.  I see a world where we all have open eyes, hearts, and minds.
 I see a world where people are connected to themselves and to God.  I
see this world coming now, in the new future, in our current times.  I
see a world where every person on this planet has food, clothing,
shelter, medical care and the opportunity for an education.  I see a
world where Mother Earth is happy, joyful, and in balance.  I see a
world where Earth is in harmony with the Universe.  I see a world where
wealth is distributed evenly.  I see this world NOW!  More more people
like Warren Buffet are giving away their money.  Foundations are giving
away their principle.  We are taking steps now to make these changes in
ourselves and in our world.  Whatever reverberations will happen
because of this enormous change in consciousness will be as gentle as
“The times, they are a changin.”
     Bob Dylan
The time is now to create a new reality.


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  1. “I see a world where people are connected to themselves and to God.”I think this is the major part of the whole cunundrum. the perpetrators are the ones who deem themselves closer to their God than everyone else. Who’s to say that the Christian God is not the Muslim God is not Mother Nature is not THE WAY is not nirvana is not the Great Spirit? Until we reconcile the fact that we are all worshiping different versions of the same thing we will never close the gap of racism and ethnic hatred. I pray with you sister, but I don’t think we’ll live to see that day (in this incarnation)

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