We need to create space if we desire to change and grow. Only in emptiness can meaning, intuitive guidance and truth arise.

Give yourself space by spending time in nature,
taking an hour or day off, enjoying quiet moments for reflection. Take
time to smell the roses. Breathe in the wonder of life and its bounty.
Open so your deeper awareness and imagination can percolate through
mundane thoughts and activities. Let go of both resistance and force to
allow yourself to connect more deeply to life.

“I do only want to advise you to keep growing
quietly and seriously throughout your whole development; you cannot
disturb it more rudely than by looking outward and expecting from
outside replies to questions that only your inmost feeling in your most
hushed hour can perhaps answer.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke


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  1. “This is very, very nice~and Rilke is always nice too~Many Blessings~”I was prepared to say the Rilke is always a good quotebut as usual Laurie beats me to the punch.enjoy the new life in India. I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate it more now

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