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  1. i am back in new york sunday nite late till monday ..i am looking still for a place it is hard and time is getting close i need a place by july 1st….ahhahahhah
    i am going nutty a bit with all to do and well so scary but i am still keep going …
    miss ya
    i am checking craigs list but if you see something interesting let me know
    i will look for you online friday nite so maybe you see something i dont…the hard thing is i dont know where they are all located..this is hard…
    warmth and LOVE katie

  2. ryc: sorry i have been missing you….seems i am taking offer of place in boston…and will see new york on weekends…
    ahh life moves on and here i am smiling always…
    warmth and LOVE katie
    the good news is
    i am mastering the subways of new york….then i can say ahh meet me on canal street….hahaha the yellow line…Q train..hehehe

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