Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

-George Carlin

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  1. my mommy just left after a 5 day visit and 5 days of rain..
    hope you are happy and smiling…i am gonna try again to make it threre on next days off …though i am thinking of looking for another day job on days off too…this one just does not let me sleep well..
    miss you
    warmth and LOVE and you are beautiful girl truly you are..

  2. seems i might be changing jobs again…the hours are too hard and the cost of traveling is eating up the pay…
    miss you…and look for you cause i am off today…well i took off..
    warmth and LOVE

  3. i am in new york as i write this at my honey’s computer…he is busy at work seeing patients…
    he is a fabulous doctor and i am proud of him…
    he will be home soon and then we will be going out..i arrived yesterday and will stay till monday..
    i could stay always and smile forever…yet i am smiling no matter where i am as long as we are in
    our hearts together…miss you and cant believe i am here i really cant but then again..
    destiny  stepped in..i am starting new job shortly left the other one wednesday…i am one step closer to
    new york
    warmth and LOVE katie

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