The Surfer and the Spiritual Warrior

By Natesh Reed

Ceasing to do things will not make you free of action.
Nor will you rise to perfection simply
by renouncing actions.
No one is free of actions even for a moment,
because everyone is moved to do things
by the qualities of nature…….

Know that action comes from creative intelligence

which is of the imperishable, the eternal. 1


The words of Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita came to me a little while ago while showering.

fishy by nature, insight often comes to me while in the shower. Maybe
it would be helpful for me to have a kiddie pool in my room. I don’t
know. Or, perhaps I should live by the ocean.

think it was Swami Satchidananda who once said, “You can’t stop the
waves, but you can learn to surf.” I see a lot of wisdom in those
words, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf myself.

waves in life are ever present, and if you want to be the big Kahuna,
or even if you don’t, action is necessary. I know those waves can be
pretty scary, but surfing can be a lot of fun.

of a desire to avoid conflict, many people on the path to inner peace
are afraid to participate when action becomes necessary out of a fear
that their peace of mind will be disturbed. And, this fear is
understandable. After all, a tsunami in the brain can be pretty

The problem is
that the mind does not become calm and detached when we force it to do
so. As a matter of fact, it tends to rebel against this very treatment,
and rightfully so!

Think about it for a second. Would you like to have a dictator as head of state? ‘Nuff said.

the mind feels the same way. Any thoughts or emotions which we may try
to squash with the sledgehammer of control many times gain in strength
and eventually erupt due to a lack of respect.

concept behind this is fairly simple. Problems do not go away when they
are avoided. Usually, they grow larger because they are in need of our

But, how do we begin to deal with them properly?

step in the right direction is action based on acceptance and
compassion. Accept the difficulties that exist as being present, and
out of compassion take the steps necessary for change.

is necessary to life. It is present in every moment. You inhale and
exhale don’t you? Your heart does beat, right? You have to seek out
nourishment and the means to provide it for yourself and your loved
ones, correct?

Very seldom
do we think about these things, we just do them. It’s a part of life,
and it is something that we have to do in order to keep living.

you could hold your breath until your face turns blue, and then you
heart would eventually stop beating, after initially speeding up. You
could decide never to buy groceries again, but you would probably
become very hungry.

The fact is that most of us desire to live, and out of a love for life, we perform these actions.

move our thoughts from the individual to the group for a moment. The
actions that we each contribute on a daily basis are very important for
the well being of the planet. If we avoid them, the world loses a bit
of its beauty. If we joyfully participate, the world becomes a much
more harmonious place.

so I hear those wheels turning now, “Maybe the part that I play in the
world is lounging on the sofa and eating chocolate.”

Fair enough. Occasionally it is.

just as we each have individual roles, there is a collective role that
we need to play if we desire to have a peaceful planet.

need to take action to preserve the welfare of the planet as well as
all the species that inhabit it. This is our collective dharma, or, to
put it more simply, our path to evolution. And avoidance of this dharma
makes us a part of the problem rather than the solution.

when we are upset, how do we go about creating change in the world
without anger and other difficult emotions interfering?

Here’s a path that I’ve found to be helpful. But, don’t take my word for it, learn it for yourself.

Try not to judge yourself for your feelings. They are natural, after all.

that the difficult emotions such as anger are there to let you know
that there is a problem of some sort that requires your attention. A
need isn’t being fulfilled, and in order for it to be fulfilled, change
is necessary.

Then, out of compassion for the entire world, including yourself, take the steps necessary to create the change.

If you are unsure of how to begin, there’s an opportunity for you to learn soon, if you pay attention.


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

the perspective of Vedic astrology, which places the planets in a
different manner than the Western tropical system, Mercury enters the
constellation of Pisces on April 11th. This will happen shortly before
6 am Eastern Time here in the States, late morning to early afternoon
in most places in Europe, and about 8 pm in Australia where kangaroos
run rampant in the streets.

is difficult for the objective qualities of Mercury to function clearly
in Pisces, where Mercury is debilitated. And due to tension between
Mars and Mercury, our minds may have a tendency to bounce around like
our furry friends from down under.

of sensitivity are heightened along with our intuition, and there is a
longing to understand the meaning behind the events portrayed on the
screen of our consciousness.

lately in the theater of the mind, the film that has been playing is a
Fellini film mixed with elements of Dr. Strangelove and the soundtrack
of a Bush speech over it. And, that’s pretty friggin’ surreal.

understanding is more important than objective analysis at this time.
Write down any ideas which may surface, and be active in expressing
them to others. Through expression, common ground can be found and then
solutions become more readily available.

Later in the week with the Full Moon approaching comes the time for implementation.


Virgo Full Moon

Moon is full in the constellation of Virgo shortly after 10:30 am
Eastern Time on the 13th in the U.S., late afternoon in most of Europe,
and in the wee hours of the morning of the 14th in Australia.

Moon will be in the lunar mansion of Chitra. Since it is in the latter
stages of Virgo, with the South Node of the Moon present in the earlier
portion, there may be initial feelings of unease.  

an hour after becoming full, the Moon moves into Libra but remains in
the lunar mansion of Chitra. Libra is ruled by Venus and Chitra is
ruled by Mars, so, feelings of sensuality will be heightened due to

It’s a good time to
harness the input of your senses and put your ideas into action. Ideas
that promote peace of mind for yourself and the planet as a whole are
of special importance at this time.

to see these actions as your duty, and without obsessing about the
results, begin to joyfully perform these actions out of a sense of love
and compassion.

Chances are that you will begin to witness the transformation of negative habit patterns.

a high degree of sensual energy present, it is important not to give in
to laziness. Remember, action is the virtue of the day, find bliss in
it and healing becomes possible.


Happy Sidereal New Year!

Sun enters Aries about 8 hours after the Full Moon on Thursday. It is
applying to a harmonious aspect with Mars. Our minds are active and
solutions to our difficulties can become much clearer.

important to take firm steps towards overcoming a long standing healing
crisis. When the problems present are of a sociopolitical nature, I
recommend reading the words of Mahatma Gandhi. They can provide
valuable insight to the path of non violent resistance!

Remember that if change is what we want, then action is necessary.

by the pulse of the planet, awaken! Take your practice from the
meditation cushion into the world, and from a space of compassion,
perform the actions which are necessary for healing yourself and the

Until next time, “Hang ten Dudes and Dudettes!”


1 paraphrased from The Living Gita, by Sri Swami Satchidananda, Integral Yoga Publications, Yogaville, Virginia


Reed is a Vedic astrologer, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Reiki
practitioner living in Kingston, NY. For more information, or to
schedule an appointment with him, visit


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  1. i have to find my mind … first… lol….miss you….katie..and oh yeh my heart might be with my mind but not likely i checked and found it on the street a few streets over pretty much in pieces i might just leave it there this time….still looking for my mind….. ttyl….hmm i still got  a sense of humor….seems when they put me together they put the sense of humor in last cause they knew life was gonna see me a rocky road….and laughing was the only way i would stand….katie

  2. This is a profoundly insightful post~I am honoured to have come here and having read it, am blessed.Thank you. It has been ever so long a time since I have visited, to my regret. There is always something to be learned and shared here.Blessings~

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