sometimes even the wave pauses

as if to breathe

lovely ripples race across

as she inhales deeply;

have you ever wondered

what happens

when two waves get merged

in the oceans womb…

can they ever be

taken apart again?

© Hema Ramachandran, 2006


10 thoughts on “

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  1. two waves tumble caresses the foam….like no other vision they cling far and roam….in and out rolling on sea….waiting for LOVE and what will be….
    miss you girl so much working and crazy hours…and so much i can tell you…hmmm
    and LOVE has hit my heart….<3

  2. ahhhhh work work work..that is all i do..but i miss you..and i met a someone i really like who likes me too..hmmm the world must have collided..hahahah…
    talk to you later…you gonna be on….i will leave it on but i will only be here till 5pm…love ya….<3

  3. so good to talk to you last night but for now on i am not coming on yahoo unless under stealth….hahah too many crazies there…i only turn it on for you…heheheh so for now on i see you i will aim you but under cover…hahahaha
    warmth and LOVE

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