I want to make poems that
say right out, plainly,
what I mean, that don’t go looking for the
of elaboration, puffed sleeves.  I want to
keep close and use often
words like
heavy, heart, joy, soon, and
to cherish
the question mark and her bold sister
the dash.  I want to
write with quiet hands.  I
want to write while crossing the fields that
fresh with daises and everlasting and the
ordinary grass.  I want
to make poems while thinking of
the bread of heaven and the
cup of
astonishment; let them be
songs in which nothing is
not a hope, not a promise.  I want to make poems
that look
into the earth and the heavens
and see the unseeable.  I want them to
both the heart of faith, and the light of the world;
the gladness
that says, without any words, everything.

~ Mary Oliver ~
(New and Selected Poems Volume

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  1. as you should and do…ryc thanks sweet girl for all…i forget at times no matter what that there will always be those that dont understand…and then there is you …who understands quite clearly…even if you connect with only one… that is all that matters…and with that one connecting to another..the connection continues….talk to you later and miracles do happen so here is hoping before friday…love ya…

  2. ahh well you know what i lost track what my priority is…i have wanted for a time to go to india or tibet to help with the children relief organizations…particularily tibetan children…so i want to concentrate now on finding the organization that will have me..lol i am fine now..a job is a job to me but giving of yourself is everything…so i will work what ever job at the moment to pay the electric and internet…but in the end..my heart is calling me off elsewhere and it is time i listen to that again…love you so…katie

  3. ahhh never made it out of town…busy with job search..have an interview today with casino…here is believing it to go well…miss ya…. still meet up with me thursday for talking since i still might have to go to that place to work yet….lol like going into a lions den when they have not been fed in months…love ya ❤

  4. sorry i missed you too… i was there for a bit but fell asleep…ahh this changing of hours is gonna be a bit hard…anyway waiting for second interview…gave in two week notice …calling out sick seeing i got mega sick hours i will not use up and going to stay busy today with lots but mostly it is COLD!  lol …will look for you later tonight if you are there….love katie

  5. ahhhh FINALLY we catch up…lol okay ttyl and remember stay warm in this snow…got to go shovel some off the car…love ya…and lets try for this upcoming weekend…i am going crazy…or next weekend..or else it will be hard once i start a new job cause they will make me work weekends most likely at the casino….<3 love the music and miss ya’

  6. okay so lets try for sunday if possible will let you know …first i have to take care of personnel papers for new job….not sure at all on my schedule yet but i am excited and happy to get my life going in this direction….good to talk to you <3….

  7. talk to me tonight if you can….always so much changes…but mostly i am sleep deprived..i am working 4 hours today and then gonna try to sleep the afternoon away…look for me tonight if you can….<3

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