Feb. 2 | From t r u t h o u t: Statement from U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey

Editor’s Note: Much has been made of the arrest of
Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan before last night’s State of the Union
address. Mainstream media coverage has made it seem as if Sheehan was
in the balcony of the House of Representatives under false pretenses.
In fact, she was invited. Representative Lynn Woolsey, Democrat of
California, personally purchased a ticket to the speech for Sheehan.
Below, please find Rep. Woolsey’s statement regarding the arrest of
Cindy Sheehan. –William Rivers Pitt/TO

   Woolsey Statement regarding Cindy Sheehan
   By Representative Lynn Woolsey
    t r u t h o u t | Statement

    Wednesday 01 February 2006

    Washington, DC – US Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma) today
issued the following statement regarding Cindy Sheehan’s arrest in the
gallery of the House of Representatives before the State of the Union
address. Mrs. Sheehan was Rep. Lynn Woolsey’s guest to the President’s
State of the Union address.

    “Since when is free speech conditional on whether you agree with
the President? Cindy Sheehan, who gave her own flesh and blood for this
disastrous war, did not violate any rules of the House of
Representatives. She merely wore a shirt that highlighted the human
cost of the Iraq war and expressed a view different than that of the
President. Free speech and the First Amendment exist to protect
dissenting statements like Ms. Sheehan’s last night.”

    “Stifling the truth will not blind Americans to the immorality of
sending young Americans to die in an unnecessary war, against a nation
that posed no threat to our security. The President’s speech last night
was yet another attempt to distort history, as he suggested – once
again – that the 9/11 terrorists came from Iraq. Everyone knows this is
not true. We must not be afraid to say that the emperor has no clothes.
It’s time to bring our troops home.”


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  1. gee i have not had the television on….lol oh well and the world keeps turning…you are updating me of late…though it would have helped on the way to the casino because the one road onto the island was closed to to flooding..most people dont even realize atlantic city sits on an island…lol hope all is well…<3

  2. It ticks me off that they arrested Sheehan for wearing a t-shirt representing Free Speech.  What is the world coming to that you get arrested for wearing a shirt?  Did you know that they made a senator’s wife leave the gallery because she wore a “Support Your Troupes” shirt?  Our right to free speech is slowly being taken away from us – pretty soon we won’t be able to even think our own thoughts.

  3. This ursurping administration is mouldering with corruption~it is true.I neglected to subscribe to your site many a Moon ago~and have corrected that error this day~Blessings sent to you~

  4. yes shafftrac, i did know about that too … and unless all of us join together and fight for our rights we would very soon wonder when all this happened !!and thanks laurieglynn for subscribing :)i request all of you to pass on these news to as many people as you can … and please visit this site

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