whenever i see all the bare trees around me i cant help but
wonder how resilient they are … utterly helpless and defenceless, they face
the worst of winter BARE !! … and here we are all covered up in layers and
layers of clothing in an often futile attempt to keep warm … and there is the
totally unpredictable weather conditions with heavy raining one day, warm humid
and sunny the next and maybe snow the next … and then there are the winds …
last one was around 50mph and it was all i could do to keep my feet on the
ground … the short distance to and from the subway stations seemed like the
longest journeys of my life … and through all this standing tall and elegant,
as usual, were the trees … such a soothing and calming solid presence !! 
… guess we need to model our lives on these amazing trees … how to rise and
stand tall in the face of the worst adversities …. and still remain as giving
as before … blossoming with fresh leaves and flowers and retaining their
dignity and elegance all the time …

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  1. thanks for the address and yeh i will check it out…i am right now trying to figure which place to apply for positions..it is like which state should i go..sometimes i think just leave the country altogether lol…but i would miss a few including you….love and kisses ❤ katie

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