Democracy and American Imperialism: Must This Be?

‘democratisation’ by the US military might be on the card it seems.
Which leads us back to the original query — what exactly does that
mean to ‘the people’ in those countries, and the people in the
so-called free world? Do you support the neocon idea of a globalised
free market economic system within the political framework of US
unilateralism? Do you agree with US hegemony and the idea that if it’s
good for America it’s good for the world? Who do you view as ‘the
people’ within a country, within a democracy? Who do you think are ‘the
people’ currently being heard?

can a political ideology supported by a rich and powerful few truly
succeed in changing the dynamics of our planet? Based on what we’re
seeing around the globe, it would seem so. All in the name of democracy!

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  1. oh love it and the music is well retro memories….lol god sometimes i think wait how old was i …was it a remake was i alive lolo i aint’ saying lolol hmm me and madonna are not saying….lolol ‘baby i love you to want me the way that i want you the way that it should be….oh no it is gonna stay in my head….lolol love ya girl see you on sunday…<3

  2. the masses of humanity are in a lull of sleep and once in a while the bed gets shaken..the few have control but once in a while the bed shakes the masses wake and life moves forward…..we are the people you and i …some of us never seem to sleep….

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