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this book from Lolita Vargas that I was reading (Un recorrido hacia la
luz) and where I found this nice little passage.Translated in my basic
english, it would sound a bit like this: “The fact that we are
different is not something bad and it doesn’t mean that we are wrong
either. This only means that we are on distinct paths. But sooner or
later, we will meet on the top of the mountain, uniting and sharing the
pieces that compose the puzzle of life.”
I thought it was a really beautiful image and I can’t help but shed a
tear when I think about this. Reconciliation. For once, the word sounds
stronger and more powerful than “peace”.”

Amazing and so true …

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  1. hey you are crazy busy… you gonna be home on sunday cause i wanna come early and ride the train with ya..let me know saturday…love ya…miss ya
    and yeh he apologised big time and yeh i found out some things and yeh i miss you ….you work so hard…<3

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