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Jan. 11 | Kind of not ignoring the news

WELL, OKAY the digital chip card you stick inside a cable box in France
ran out and left me high and dry without BBC World, just as I was
wrapping up Parallel W.

So this has kept me slightly out of the loop, if you don’t count
reading Psychsound, Political Waves and seeing truthout emails come
floating in all day. And I have noticed something, which is that there
really is a discussion about Samuel Alito going on. This is good. There
cannot be too much discussion. We are talking about THE swing vote that
shifts the United States Supreme Court one way or the other, or that
leaves it pretty neutral, about where it is now. Neutral is not really
a possibility these days.

Let me put it this way. Getting this Supreme Court is the last hurrah
of the Neocon PNAC Christian Right movement we’ve been seeing gain
momentum the past five or so years. The same political philosophy that
has landed a lot of people under criminal indictment.

Even if the Bush administration croaks an early death, choked in its
own failures and scandals, this viewpoint will get the last laugh every
time a Supreme Court decision comes out. The Agenda — and there is an
agenda, which is fear-based, backward-looking responses to EVERYTHING
— will be in place.

Now I’m not sayin’ that Jesus can’t cure little Sammy of his hurts. But
what I am saying is, we better start acting like it’s our government
and our country and our world before it ain’t any more.

Please do take a look at some of this coverage, particularly a letter
written by Senator Ed Kenndey about where this guy really stands on
issues that you might think are pretty important [posted at very end].
A lot is documented about him; many of his views are on paper and belie
his “I promise to follow the law” rhetoric.

A president, no matter how good or bad, gets out in so many years. When
a person holds a job with limited time office, the end is always
looming, and if you fuck up you can get dumped in the next election.
Supreme Court justices are appointed for life, and they can influence
the direction of the court and therefore the nation for generations.
Once they get out, if we want things back the other way, it can take
many years, if it happens at all.

Think Pholus in Sagittarius: This is to say, small cause: one guy
appointed to a job; big effect; based on what we know, which is all we
know, he tips the vote of the court in the direction against individual
rights, against privacy, against smaller entitles (people, women, the
poor, workers, the planet) in favor of bigger ones (multinationals,
universities, the church and government itself).

Do you care? I thought so.

Basically, to put it in crude terms, Sam Alito may be getting appointed
“god.” One guy who decides for the rest of us what is right and what is
wrong; who you did not vote for; appointed by a guy who hacked the
vote; this is not representative government. And it is not
representative of mainstream opinion, either. Yes, I think most of
America is conservative, and I think that for most people, that means
minding their own business and letting you mind yours.

It is a little mob of loud-mouths who are at the moment capitalizing on
a lot of fear they helped create, using that climate to stuff in a
national agenda that has nothing to do with reality; nothing to do with
anything except fear, which is control, and contempt for life.

Now, I’m not supposed to sit here and cry wolf as Mr. Planet Waves. I
am also an optimist. I am merely saying pay attention, because we are
at a moment of reckoning even though it might not really look like one.
Somebody is going to be awarded the deciding seat on the Supreme Court,
which is now up for grabs on the messy floor of the U.S. Senate. This
Senate is itself shaking from the Abramoff influence-peddling deal,
i.e., a very big bribery scandal. And whoever the Senate approves is
going to be an important person in our lives, whether we know him or
not, have heard of him or not, like him or not, Alito or not.

Man, I feel like a bearded rabble rouser sanding on top of a picnic
table in my hiking boots speaking on that verge of yelling in a clear
voice into a bullhorn to a mob of people who care and I’m saying check
it out, people, get it.

So, small cause, you and me, big effect: we tell the Senate what we
think. Today I’m going to call the offices of a eight senators of every
state I’ve lived in: New York, New Jersey, Florida and Washington, and
when the person answers the phone, if you are so inclined, say: Vote NO
on Alito.

Sending emails is NOT enough! But please send a bunch of those too while you’re at it.

Senator Kennedy’s letter to the Washington Post on Sam Alito would curdle milk

Here are phone instructions from the Senate’s website:

By Telephone

Alternatively, you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.



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  1. Imagine my suprise when I hear Ewan McGregor’s beautiful voice while reading your blog. Don’t mind me while I’m swooning. I would say that is my favorite movie, and a beautiful voice.

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