Adnan Sami Khan is arguably the fastest keyboard player in the world. He is a
Pakistani native, who was raised in UK. Although he only took one music class in
his school, he was playing piano like a professional when he was just 7 years
old. Even the British channel BBC aired a program about Adnan Sami Khan. He gave
classical music a new touch. Recently Adnan released his last album “Kabhi To
Nazar Milao”, which was an Indian version of the Pakistani Album he released in
1997 “Badaltey Mausam”. The song you are listening to is from this album and is called “Bheegey bheegey raaton”.


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  1. aha aha aha you did find the song…..great …..i will be in boston this weekend but with you very shortly…on a sunday soon….miss you and as always love talking to you sistah….lol namaste ❤ katie

  2. not going to boston as planned and computer is a real pain will try to talk to you later tonight if you are on…need to have a lot of work done on computer so hopefully be done later tonight love ya ❤ katie

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