Pic: Tsunami survivors in Sri lanka

Sunday, Dec. 25, 2005

IT IS DIFFICULT to imagine an event that kills 300,000 people in a
couple of hours, but that’s what happened a year ago Dec. 26. Really,
it is impossible to consider; all you can really contemplate is an
individual or a family. We have seen many interviews of people who lost
everyone and wondered why they survived. From watching these interviews
carefully, it seems easier for the children to handle this kind of
change than for the adults.

Yet so much instantaneous death is a shock to the planet’s emotional
body, no matter where on the planet you are. From people whose psychic
gifts extend to these levels, I’ve heard reports ranging from
descriptions of the stunned chaos of those who did not know they had
even lost their lives (apparently a common situation), and therefore
did not know where they were; to a description of a mass exodus of
souls the night before, in preparation, where people were basically
present overnight in body only before being swept away by the wave.

Many, many lightworkers gave weeks or months of their time helping lost
spirits orient and guiding them toward the light. I am aware that many
were working around the clock, even as they slept, helping direct those
who were disembodied, as well as move the energy and help the planetary
body heal. Perhaps there will be a time when their stories will be told.

The transition in consciousness that the tsunamis began was one of
awareness that we are experiencing climate change. While it’s not
exactly possible to ascribe an earthquake and the resulting tsunami to
climate, my own feeling is that the melting ice caps were involved, as
well as offshore oil drilling near Tasmania that set off a tectonic
knock-effect in the days before the Banda Ache quake.

By late September, a series of hurricanes that wiped towns, villages
and lifted a major American city nearly off the map; these events made
the point even more vivid: something is indeed changing. The question
is what you call it, and whether you think these are the same Earth
changes that Edgar Cayce was talking about in his readings in the 1st
half the 20th century; but it’s now accepted public perception that, at
the least, climate change is responsible for the unusual run of
hurricanes through the autumn of 2005.

Whether this is scientifically true or not, at the same time, the polar
ice caps are indeed melting, which will continue to disrupt coastlines
as well as the Gulf Stream current in the north Atlantic that keeps
England and western Europe warm — as well as corresponding currents in
the Pacific.

It is my feeling that human activity is part of what is causing climate
change; after learning about gamma ray bursts from the Galactic Core,
solar flares and other events that increase radiation to the planet, I
am beginning to sense that there is a cosmic component. But whatever
energy is coming from outside the sphere of Earth, we are certainly
doing our part to help trap it here as heat and chaos. And it is still
humans who are responsible for what happens on our planet, and
historically, it has been very difficult for us to have any control or
even assert an opinion in the affairs of kings and tyrants. This is,
after all, why they are kings and tyrants.

But what is new is our growing ability to work on the energetic levels.
People have done this for a long time, in the form of prayer or
meditation, but something meaningful seems to be raising the awareness
that we need to use these powers now in a conscious and intentional
way. We have the ability to shift the vibration of the planet, to help
cultivate protection, to engave with angelic entities in service of the
light, and to exert significant influence on Gaia herself. We have the
channels open to influence the leaders who have claimed control of her
destiny. This is influence we can assert every day and which is
intimately involved in our personal growth and happiness.

The personal is indeed political.

– Eric Francis, Planet Waves


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  1.  a second in time is seemingly so small and yet so full of intense emotion…where do we find words to accomodate all those feelings…in the hush of that second we smile and cry we wonder all so much why? ….
    a second shows no indifference to who we are…to our color our shape to our way of thoughts…it shows no preference to the injustice or fair play of the world around us..
    a second in time is just a fraction of a space..a window that opens to view the unseen you never knew existed..it takes you where you did  not know others were breathing…taking you to show you that the universe is not only you …yet many who love and laugh who cry and smile who live the second as you do and query as to why?….
    a second is a capsule of time…in it are the answers of the universe to all your questions why….
    ~ mei ~
    love you and thinking of you…looking forward to the second we meet to laugh and talk of the why’s ….. ❤ katie

  2. These are words of power you have written. I sense a soul who has travelled long and is filled with compassion and empathy and wisdom. You speak True.Peace~Many Blessings

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