got a nasty email from a friend today … how easy it is to break a
bond … no one realises the efforts that went into building it in the
first place … guess its over between us and it hurts … ah well,
another lesson learnt today … and yes, life goes on 🙂


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  1. the book of lessons is getting awfully heavy …would like to just throw it away but then i think i would have to relearn them all…okay so you learn another lesson and so do i…i dont understand reasons for nasty emails but i have seen a few….and from one or two i never would have fathomed would do so…but then again i realized what so many saw was not reality…so i see the real person and wish them well and keep walking..good talking to you tonight…miss you ❤ katie

  2. hope the strike will be quickly over so our outing on monday will not be affected….ahh life is funny…but i still rather laugh at it with you…than alone…love the song…and yeh i do love the poem today…it made me cry after writing it and from what i see others too…perhaps that is what good writing is all about…a gift is all really about….so glad to wake up and know that the words are there …they dont fail me even when others do… love you ….<3 katie

  3. True, life goes on.. life’s too big to worry on trivial things like some one hurt u some time.. being futuristic just forget and carry on..merry x’mas in advance

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