…i have been noticing one thing
lately … people seem to have stopped communicating, in terms of
their  “feelings” … all that people communicate is on a very
superficial level … or maybe only on a very practical level …

in other words, i need help from you,
i ask you … i want to clarify something, i ask you … i see you, i
say hi or whats up or hows life or something like that (and sometimes
listen to the answer) … you ask me something, i answer that question
… or if we have time together, then the talk is mostly about work,
studies, politics, music, weather, social issues etc etc etc … i will
not bring up something like my feelings, thoughts, hopes, fears,
insecurities, and so on …

if i do (which i am famous for
*smile*) bring up such stuff, then either the other person is quick to
change topic or simply vanish … or if that person is open to
discussing feelings, then often I am the one left wondering why I
started it in the first place … you know why, there is so much
negativity and pessimism among most people … it is soooo easy for
even an optimist like me to be overwhelmed sometimes !!! … what i am
seeing is a typical kind of cynical approach to life … as though the
worst is always to be expected because thats the best life has to offer
you !!!

can someone please tell me whats
wrong with this world? … or am i just imagining all this … is this
just a bad dream? … if so, how do i wake up? … or is it that all
these people need to wake up? … if so, how is it going to happen …
and when?

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  1. people are extremely superficial…and like at xanga even more so….only a few i can say i know somewhat and for that i am glad…hope you are well honey and i have to work today ahh oh well and it is way cold….ttyl katie

  2. Hi!  I want to thank you for stopping by yesterday and subscribing to my site.  Please feel at home to comment whatever you think.  I have the awful habit of asking people how they are as I’m rushing by them.  I really don’t want to hear, I’m just being polite.  I guess, I should stop and really listen to what they say.  

  3. in two words- OWNED PROPERTYwho was the first property owner – and why did people let him get away with it? Did he look like hulk hogan?Love your site because your questions always require serious thought

  4. Yes, I agree with you. What isn’t good is that I can be one of those cynical people. I use xanga for an outlet to get rid of all the bad feelings, and once I write about them, they are usually gone from my system. Do you live in India or are from there? I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope I get the chance to very soon. -Hil

  5. I’ve just gone through and read a bunch of your old entries, they are very inspiring. You are definately one of my favorite subscriptions (starting about 2 minutes ago, ha).

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